Best 6 CBSE Schools Near Tambaram

Tambaram, Chennai is a busy place with many top Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) schools.

These schools are famous and work hard to shape the future of kids.

Their goal is to give an education that combines old values and new ideas.

This helps to give children a strong education and a deep understanding of their culture.

These high-ranking CBSE schools are praised for their great teachers, new ways of teaching, good all-around lessons, and focus on growing every part of a child’s life.

Any kid who goes to these schools becomes confident, kind, and eager to learn.

They are ready to face any challenges in the future.

Parents who want the best education for their children in Tambaram, Chennai, will find these CBSE schools to be the best choice.

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best CBSE schools in Tambaram Chennai

Gurukulam Vidyashram (CBSE)

Gurukulam Vidyashram, a respected school in Tambaram, Chennai, is famous for its top-level education and focus on growing young minds. The school has skilled teachers who use new ways of teaching to give a complete education.

best CBSE schools in Tambaram Chennai

The school has big classrooms and modern labs for hands-on learning. They have classes for children from primary school to high school.

The school also encourages many different activities outside of class, such as sports, drama, debate, and art. These activities help with the complete growth of students.

Address: 128, Gandhi Rd, Tambaram West, Tambaram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600045

Phone: 095001 25092

Shree Gugans School (CBSE)

This school is well-known for its good education, mixing old values with new ideas. It gives students a deep understanding of their culture and focuses on growing all parts of their life.

best CBSE schools in Tambaram Chennai

Shree Gugans School uses smart classroom technology and has great science and computer labs. Besides regular lessons, they also have many clubs and events to help students show their creative side.

Address: 54/5, school road, selaiyur, tambaram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600073

Phone: 044 2279 4513

Navil Primary School, found in Tambaram West, is focused on giving a good education and helping students to be kind. The school is known for using new ways of teaching and having great teachers.

best CBSE schools in Tambaram Chennai

The school is a good place for learning. It has nice classrooms and is for students from the start of school to middle school. The school thinks it’s very important to teach good behavior and morals, as well as school subjects.

Address: 3a/10, Beemeshwaran Kovil Street, Mudichur Rd, Tambaram West, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600045

Phone: 093810 63906

San Academy

San Academy, a high-ranking CBSE school in Tambaram West, is known for its great teachers, new teaching styles, and broad lessons. The school works hard to help each child become brave, kind, and prepared for the future.

best CBSE schools in Tambaram Chennai

San Academy has a big campus with up-to-date features like a library, a big hall for events, and a place for sports. The school has classes for young kids all the way up to older students. It also pushes students to join in different activities about culture and sports.

Address: W3PX+3FG, Kishkintha main road, off Chennai bypass, Service Rd, Tambaram West, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600045

Phone: 097911 31111

Vels Global School

This school in Tambaram is famous for focusing on strong education. It gives a caring place for learning that makes students excited to learn more and gets them ready for future challenges.

best CBSE schools in Tambaram Chennai

Vels Global School has good buildings with libraries, science labs, and places to play. They teach kids from Kindergarten to Grade 12. The school also plans many activities outside of class to help students’ skills grow.

Address: 4/116, Mudichur Manimangalam Junction, Mudichur Main Road, Mudichur, Tambaram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600048

Phone: 086089 48880

Shree Niketan Patasala

Shree Niketan Patasala, located in East Tambaram, is well-known for its good education and focus on helping students grow in all areas. The school creates a strong cultural setting that helps build confident and caring individuals.

best CBSE schools in Tambaram Chennai

Shree Niketan Patasala has top-level facilities, with big classrooms, a library, and labs with good equipment. The school provides education from pre-primary to senior secondary level.

Beyond the regular lessons, they encourage students to join in many different activities outside the classroom to make sure they grow in every way.

Address: Dollars Colony Main Road, Vengambakkam, East Tambaram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600127

Phone: 099948 41111

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