How to Reach Chennai Airport by Metro

We all know, Chennai – the lively city with an interesting mix of modernity and deep-rooted tradition, right? And our own Chennai airport, standing proud as the fourth busiest airport in our nation, serving millions of passengers yearly!

With the increasing expansion of the Chennai metro, it can get a little confusing. But fear not, this article is here to guide you and them, just as the lighthouse guides the ships on our beautiful Chennai coast!

how to reach Chennai airport by metro

The Chennai Metro, a modern-day wonder, is a two-corridor network that effectively connects the north to the south and the central region to the airport. To reach our Chennai Airport, you need to travel on the Blue Line. But, how to get onto this blue line, you ask? Let’s find out!

How to Reach Chennai Airport by Metro

You can hop onto the metro from any of the stations on the Blue Line. This line covers key areas such as Washermenpet, Mannadi, High Court, Central, Government Estate, LIC, Thousand Lights, Gemini, Teynampet, Chamiers Road, Saidapet, and finally reaches the Chennai Airport.

You should buy your token or recharge your Metro smart card. There are token vending machines or ticket counters at each station, and they are as friendly as our neighborhood tea kadai anna!

Travel Duration Metro to Chennai Airport

From Washermenpet, the first station on the Blue Line, it would take approximately 50-55 minutes to reach the airport. If you are starting from Chennai Central, it should take around 40-45 minutes. The metro speed is like the brisk walk of our Chennai-ites, not too slow, and not too fast!

Chennai Metro Timings

The metro starts its operation early in the morning, as early as our flower vendors! The first train from Washermenpet departs at 4:30 AM, and from Chennai Central, it starts at 5:00 AM.

The last metro, just like our hard-working auto drivers, is available until late night. The final train from Washermenpet and Chennai Central departs at 11:00 PM.


Our Chennai metro is as hospitable as a typical Tamil household. It provides facilities like lifts and escalators for senior citizens and people with special needs, washrooms, and drinking water facilities. Just remember to maintain the cleanliness, like our clean and tidy homes!

Reaching the Airport

Once you get down at the Chennai Airport Metro Station, it’s a simple walk to the airport terminal. The Chennai Airport has both domestic and international terminals, so make sure you follow the signs to reach the right one.

And there you go, reaching Chennai Airport is now as easy as preparing our famous sundal, isn’t it?

The Chennai Metro is a fast, affordable, and reliable means to get around our bustling city, and particularly to reach our Chennai Airport.

So, the next time someone asks you about reaching Chennai Airport by metro, you can tell them with confidence, just like our Superstar Rajini!

Happy journey, makkale! Let’s make the most of our beautiful city and its wonderful facilities. And remember, “Metro-ukku polaam” should be our mantra when we think of commuting in Chennai.


How far is Chennai Airport from the metro station?

Chennai Airport Metro Station is situated near the airport terminals.

The distance between the metro station and the airport is about 500 meters.

Walking this distance through the connecting tunnel takes just a few minutes.

How much time does it take to reach Chennai Airport by metro from Chennai Central?

It takes approximately 40 minutes to reach Chennai Airport from Chennai Central by metro, depending on train schedules and waiting times.

Is it easy for tourists to navigate the Chennai Metro system?

Yes, the Chennai Metro system is designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate, with clear signage, route maps, and information available in English at the stations.

How can I find the metro schedule and plan my journey to Chennai Airport?

You can check the train schedule online on the Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL) website, or via the CMRL app. Train timings and frequency information are also available at the metro stations.

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