Where Can I Buy Budweiser & Bira 91 Beer in Chennai

Are you in Chennai right now or planning to visit soon? If yes, then you are in for a treat.

Chennai is a fantastic city with rich culture, delicious food, and beautiful places to see.

But guess what? Today, we will not talk about any of this. No, no, no. Instead, we will talk about something more… how can I say it?… refreshing.

Yes, friends, today we will talk about where you can buy Budweiser and Bira 91 in Chennai.

You might be thinking why I am writing about beer in my travel blog.

enjoying a cold drink with your dear ones in a new city is also a part of traveling, right? And, as your travel guide, it is my duty to help you have the best time in Chennai.

So, let me tell you about some places where you can buy Budweiser and Bira 91 and enjoy your evenings in Chennai.

How & Where to Buy Bira 91 in Chennai

Bira 91 Availability in Chennai

As of today, due to certain regulations and licensing norms, Bira 91, like a few other global beer brands, is not available in our beloved Tamil Nadu. It’s like waiting for the first mangoes of the season, isn’t it?

hope is a good thing, my dear friends. Just like we eagerly anticipate the monsoon rains, the arrival of Bira 91 is eagerly awaited in Chennai. The company is said to be working diligently on the regulatory requirements and we hope it’ll soon be available in Chennai.

While we wait for Bira 91 to make its official debut in Chennai, we Chennai-ites have the spirit of adventure in our hearts.

Try These Bira 91 Alternative Beer Brands

  1. Kingfisher Premium
  2. Kingfisher Ultra
  3. Budweiser
  4. Heineken
  5. Carlsberg Elephant
  6. Tuborg Green
  7. Corona Extra
  8. Beck’s Ice
  9. Foster’s Lager
  10. Stella Artois

If you are really yearning for a taste of Bira 91, here are a few places you could consider:

A Trip to Pondicherry

Just a short drive away, our neighbouring union territory, Pondicherry, offers Bira 91 in many of its liquor stores. The short and scenic road trip can add to the overall joy of your quest for Bira 91.

Journey to Karnataka

A road trip to Namma Bengaluru could be a great way to enjoy Bira 91 amidst pleasant weather and lush green parks.

Visit to Kerala

God’s Own Country, Kerala, also offers Bira 91 at its Bevco outlets. You could plan a journey to this beautiful state, known for its backwaters, hill stations, and spicy cuisine.

How & Where to Buy Budweiser in Chennai

Buying Budweiser from TASMAC Outlets in Chennai

TASMAC (Tamil Nadu State Marketing Corporation) outlets are the only authorized liquor stores in Chennai. However, not all TASMAC outlets carry Budweiser. So, to ensure you find Budweiser, head over to the TASMAC Elite outlets, which offer a wide variety of international and premium brands, including Budweiser.

Here are some TASMAC Elite outlets where you can find Budweiser in Chennai:

  1. Nungambakkam: In the bustling heart of Chennai, at the Parsn Complex, you’ll find a TASMAC Elite store. Here, amidst the hustle and bustle, you can pick up your favourite bottle of Budweiser.
  2. Spencer Plaza: As one of the oldest shopping malls in India, Spencer Plaza houses an Elite TASMAC outlet where you can easily find Budweiser.
  3. Express Avenue Mall: Known for its opulent design, Express Avenue houses another Elite TASMAC store. After a day of shopping, a chilled Budweiser could be the perfect way to unwind!
  4. Ramee Mall: Located right next to Hyatt Regency, Ramee Mall’s TASMAC Elite store is another place where Budweiser lovers can find their favourite brew.

Resto-Bars Serving Budweiser in Chennai

Source – https://www.esquire.com/lifestyle/a25641316/budweiser-anheuser-busch-inbev-cannabis-drinks/

For those who prefer to enjoy Budweiser in a lively ambiance, many resto-bars across Chennai serve Budweiser.

Places like The Flying Elephant, Gatsby 2000, The Leather Bar, 10 Downing Street, and many more offer a great setting to enjoy your Budweiser while soaking in the nightlife of Chennai.

So, there you go! With this guide, finding Budweiser in Chennai is as easy as finding our famous filter coffee in our city. Let’s raise a toast to Chennai and Budweiser! Cheers, makkale!

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