VGP Universal Kingdom in Chennai – Timing, Location, Rides, and tickets

Hey there! Welcome to the VGP Universal Kingdom! It’s an awesome amusement park in Tamil Nadu, located in the beautiful city of Chennai. Trust me, this place is pure magic and will make all your senses come alive.

I’m here to be your guide and help you discover all the amazing things at the VGP Universal Kingdom.

It doesn’t matter if you’re into thrilling rides, nature, or just having a good time – this park has got something for everyone.

The atmosphere here is buzzing with excitement and happiness. You’ll find everything from super thrilling roller coasters to gentle merry-go-rounds, catering to different preferences.

So, get ready for an epic adventure at the VGP Universal Kingdom! Let’s create wonderful memories and have a blast in this enchanting place!

History of VGP Universal Kingdom

VGP Universal Kingdom in Chennai - Timing, Location, Rides, and tickets

VGP Universal Kingdom was established in the 1970s by V. G. Panneerdas. Starting as VGP Golden Beach, it became Chennai’s first amusement park.

Under V. G. Santhosham‘s leadership in 1997, the park was rebranded and expanded with new attractions, including themed zones and a water park.

Today, it is a popular amusement park known for its thrilling rides and scenic beachside location, attracting visitors from all over the world.

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Timing of VGP Universal Kingdom

DayOpening TimeClosing Time
Sunday9:30 am6:00 pm
Monday9:30 am6:00 pm
Tuesday9:30 am6:00 pm
Wednesday9:30 am6:00 pm
Thursday9:30 am6:00 pm
Friday9:30 am6:00 pm
Saturday9:30 am6:00 pm

Location for the VGP Universal Kingdom

Rides at VGP Universal Kingdom

VGP Universal Kingdom in Chennai - Timing, Location, Rides, and tickets

Family Rides

  1. Lazy River
  2. Carousel
  3. Flying Machine
  4. Carnival Games
  5. Viking
  6. Cup & Saucer
  7. Tele Combat
  8. Dashing Car
  9. Thrill-X
  10. Wave Swinger
  11. Balloon Racer
  12. Crazy Plane
  13. Flashdance
  14. Octopus
  15. Ferris Wheel
  16. Super Trooper
  17. Enterprise
  18. Mermaid Ship

Thrill Rides

  1. Mini chair-o-plane
  2. Roller Coaster
  3. Go Kart
  4. Horror House
  5. Rock & Roll
  6. Top Gun
  7. Flying Carpet
  8. London Bull

Kids Rides

  1. Tiny Tots Express
  2. Mini pirate ship
  3. Alaudin
  4. Kangaroo
  5. Circus Train
  6. Water Duck
  7. Arcade Games
  8. Jumping Frog

Water Rides

  1. Float Slide
  2. Typhoon Tunnel
  3. Aqua Racer
  4. Family Raft
  5. Tornado
  6. Rain Dance
  7. Wave Pool
  8. Water Chute
VGP Universal Kingdom in Chennai - Timing, Location, Rides, and tickets

tickets at the VGP Universal Kingdom

Ticket TypePrice (INR)
Child (90-125 cm)595
Season Pass1450

Other Things to see in the VGP Universal Kingdom

Petting Zoo
Statue Man
Live Shows
Snow Kingdom
Paneer Fort

can you ride the Ferris wheel while pregnant?

No, It is generally advisable to avoid riding a Ferris wheel or any amusement park ride while pregnant.

what is a jumping frog ride?

The jumping frog ride is an amusement park attraction that features a series of frog-shaped seats attached to vertical poles. Riders are seated in the frog seats, and the ride moves up and down in a jumping motion, simulating the experience of a leaping frog.

vGP snow kingdom

VGP Snow Kingdom is an indoor snow theme park located in Chennai, India. It offers visitors the experience of playing and enjoying various snow-related activities in a controlled, snowy environment, providing a unique escape from the city’s tropical climate.

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