Private Cabin Restaurant For Couples In Chennai

The Chennai city, where tall buildings touch the sky and markets are full of colors, there’s a hidden food place waiting to be found.

A hidden gem in the heart of Chennai’s hustle and bustle – private cabin restaurants. Offering a quiet retreat for couples and families, these spots have become a favorite for those seeking a private and unique dining experience.

The article that follows will introduce you to some of the best cabin restaurants in Chennai, focusing on their standout features, delicious food, and cozy atmosphere. Read on to find the perfect spot for your next Restaurant visit.

What are Private Cabin Restaurants?

Private cabin restaurants are special dining spots that offer you your very own, private space.

These restaurants provide separate cabins or rooms for each party, away from the eyes of other guests.

It’s like having a mini-restaurant all to yourself! You get the freedom to talk, laugh, and enjoy your meal without worrying about other people around you.

How to Select the Perfect Private Cabin Restaurant?

Setting the Mood: Look for a place that matches the vibe you want. If you love a garden-like feel, choose a restaurant with outdoor cabins. For an indoor, cozy atmosphere, select one with elegantly decorated indoor cabins.

Taste Buds’ Delight: Always check out the menu before booking. If both of you are seafood lovers, go for a place that excels in seafood. Love Italian? Choose a restaurant famous for its pasta and pizza.

Easy on the Wallet: Pick a restaurant that suits your budget. Don’t forget, a good date doesn’t need to be an expensive one!

Rave Reviews: Check out what other couples have to say. Online reviews and ratings can be a great guide.

Location: Choose a place that is easy to reach. The less time spent on travel, the more time you get to enjoy each other’s company.

Private Cabin Restaurant For Couples In Chennai

The Waterfall Restaurant

In “The Waterfall Restaurant,” couples can enjoy a secluded dining experience filled with warmth and affection.

The cabins are designed to provide privacy and comfort, allowing couples to immerse themselves in each other’s presence without distractions.

The sound of cascading water from an artificial waterfall adds an enchanting touch to the ambiance, creating a sense of intimacy and shared moments.

Whether celebrating a special occasion or simply cherishing each other’s company, “The Waterfall Restaurant” promises a memorable and cherished dining experience for every couple that visits.

Location: 18, LV Prasad Rd, Thangal karai, Dhanalakshmi Colony, Vadapalani, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600026

Timing: 12–3:30 pm, 7–11 pm

Favorite Dishes: Their special Tandoori Chicken and Mushroom Biryani are must-tries.

Price for Two: Around ₹1500

Azzuri Bay

“Azzuri Bay” is a warm and private restaurant in Chennai, made just for couples to have romantic moments.

It’s located away from the busy city and has a peaceful atmosphere with beautiful bay views, making it perfect for relaxing and connecting with your partner.

The cabins are nicely decorated, ensuring complete privacy so couples can enjoy their meal in a cozy space.

The food is delicious, and the staff is attentive, making Azzuri Bay a lovely place for couples looking for a special dining experience in Chennai.

Location: 13, 1st Cres Park Rd, Gandhi Nagar, Adyar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600020

Timing: 12-3 pm, 7-11 pm

Favorite Dishes: Seafood Paella and Thai Green Curry are the crowd favorites.

Price for Two: Approximately ₹1300

The Flying Elephant

“The Flying Elephant” is a wonderful restaurant in Chennai, specially made for couples who want a cozy dining experience.

It’s surrounded by beautiful greenery, which gives it a peaceful and romantic atmosphere.

Inside the private cabins, couples can enjoy delicious dishes from a varied menu, made to satisfy their taste buds.

The restaurant’s lovely ambiance and tasty food ensure that couples in Chennai will have a memorable time there.

Location: Raj Bhavan, 39, Velachery Rd, Little Mount, Guindy, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600032

Timing: 5 pm – 1 am

Favorite Dishes: Signature Lamb Chops and Truffle Pizza are highly recommended.

Price for Two: Around ₹3000

Indulge by Joker’s Kitchen

Indulge by Joker’s Kitchen is a special restaurant in Chennai made just for couples who want a romantic dinner.

The place has a calm and peaceful atmosphere with gentle music and pretty candles.

They have a yummy menu with dishes made with love, making sure you have a memorable time full of love and happy moments together.

Location: 123, Ispahani centre, 1st floor, Nungambakkam High Rd, Nungambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600034

Timing: 12 pm – 10.30 pm

Favorite Dishes: Go for their BBQ Chicken Pizza and Nutella Waffles.

Price for Two: Approximately ₹800


“Aqua” is a lovely restaurant in Chennai, ideal for couples looking for a special dining experience.

It’s hidden in a peaceful place with a calm atmosphere, featuring gentle lighting and comfortable seats, perfect for a romantic night out.

The menu is thoughtfully put together with a variety of delicious dishes, made with care and attention to make the couples’ taste buds happy.

With its cozy setup and yummy food, “Aqua” guarantees a cherished spot for couples to celebrate their love and make beautiful memories together.

Location: The Park, 601, Anna Salai, near US Embassy, Gangai Karai Puram, T. Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600006

Timing: 7 am – 11.30 pm

Favorite Dishes: The Seafood Risotto and Tandoori Prawns are worth trying.

Price for Two: Around ₹2500

Kipling Cafe

“Kipling Cafe” is a wonderful private cabin restaurant in Chennai, perfect for couples seeking an intimate dining experience.

The restaurant’s ambiance exudes a cozy and romantic vibe, with dim lighting and comfortable seating, setting the stage for a memorable evening.

The menu at “Kipling Cafe” offers a delightful selection of dishes, prepared with care and creativity, ensuring a delightful culinary journey for couples.

With its warm and inviting atmosphere, “Kipling Cafe” is a charming destination for couples to share love and create cherished moments together.

Location: 16, L Jey Avenue, Spring Gardens 2nd St, Akkarai, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600119

Timing: 12 pm – 11 pm

Favorite Dishes: Try their Lobster Thermidor and Chocolate Fondant.

Price for Two: Approximately ₹1500

Seasonal Tastes

“Seasonal Tastes” is a lovely private cabin restaurant in Chennai, made just for couples who want a romantic dining experience.

It’s situated in a charming place and has a calm and cozy feel with gentle lights and comfortable seats, setting the stage for a perfect romantic evening.

The menu is thoughtfully put together with many tasty dishes to please the couples’ taste buds and make their dining journey delightful.

With its intimate atmosphere and delicious food, “Seasonal Tastes” is a special place for couples to celebrate their love and make beautiful memories together.

Location: 154, Velachery Rd, TN Police Housing Colony, Velachery, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600042

Timing: 6.30 am – 11 pm

Favorite Dishes: Their Pasta Alfredo and Tiramisu are loved by all.

Price for Two: Around ₹2000

Broken Bridge Cafe Indian Restaurant

“Broken Bridge Cafe Indian Restaurant” is a special private cabin restaurant in Chennai, meant for couples to enjoy their love and make beautiful memories together.

It’s located in a picturesque spot with lovely decorations and comfortable seating, creating a romantic atmosphere perfect for a date night.

The restaurant serves delicious Indian dishes that are carefully prepared to delight the taste buds and ensure a memorable dining experience.

With its cozy setting and tasty food, “Broken Bridge Cafe Indian Restaurant” is a wonderful place for couples to celebrate their love in a unique and special way.

Location: Somerset Greenways, 94, Sathyadev Ave, MRC Nagar, Raja Annamalai Puram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600028

Timing: 24 hours

Favorite Dishes: Their Paneer Butter Masala and Mango Cheesecake are a delight.

Price for Two: Approximately ₹1200

Pakwan Chennai

“Pakwan Chennai” is a special restaurant made for couples to enjoy their love and create unforgettable memories.

It’s located in a cozy part of the city and has a warm and romantic atmosphere with soft lights and a private setting.

The menu is filled with delicious dishes made with love, making it a delightful experience for every couple’s taste buds.

Enjoy the happiness of being together in this magical place, making “Pakwan Chennai” the ideal spot for couples to celebrate their love and make beautiful memories that will stay with them forever.

Location: 1st Floor, 10, Gopathi Narayanaswami Chetty Rd, Parthasarathi Puram, T. Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600017

Timing: 12–3:30 pm, 7–10:30 pm

Favorite Dishes: Be sure to try their Mutton Biryani and Paneer Tikka.

Price for Two: Around ₹1000

On D Roof Restaurant

“On D Roof Restaurant” in Chennai is a really special place made for couples to celebrate their love and make lovely memories.

It’s located on a rooftop, so you can see amazing views of the city while you dine, which adds a magical touch to your experience.

The private cabins inside have dim lights and comfy seats, creating a romantic atmosphere for you and your partner.

They have a delightful menu with dishes made with love and attention, making it a perfect spot for couples who want a memorable and cherished dining time together.

Location: 3rd floor, 4, AA Block 2nd St, Lapis lagoon, AA Block, Shanthi Colony, Anna Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600040

Timing: 6.30 pm – 3.30 am

Favorite Dishes: Patrons love their Chicken Satay and Sizzling Brownie.

Price for Two: Approximately ₹1200

The End

Private cabin restaurants in Chennai give couples a special place of their own. With tasty food, a friendly setting, and quiet, these places make eating more than just a meal. It becomes a special time to share together, making memories to hold dear.

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