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Hello there!

I am the heart and soul behind Chennai Secrets. I’m not a travel agent or a guide, but just a guy who is truly, madly in love with this vibrant city. Chennai is my home, my playground, and my biggest inspiration. I’ve spent years walking down its alleys, chatting with local folks, discovering hidden gems, and enjoying the best foods that you can’t find in any glossy restaurant.

Chennai Secrets, it’s my love letter to Chennai. Here, I share my experiences, my little discoveries, and the secret spots that make this city special. I take you on a journey away from the crowded tourist spots, straight to the heart of Chennai, to its people, its culture, its hidden corners and its authentic tastes.

Chennai Secret Founder


Hello folks!
My name’s Arikesavan and I’m a founder and one of the editors here at Chennai Secrets. You could say that Chennai and I have been best friends since the day I was born. This city has taught me everything I know, given me my love for filter coffee, and shared countless stories with me. And now, I’m here to share those tales with you.
In this journey, I promise to show you Chennai as I’ve experienced it – filled with warmth, love, and the enchanting smell of jasmine flowers. We will explore hidden alleyways, bustling markets, and quiet beaches. We will taste food that’s more than just food, it’s the heart of Chennai.
So, let’s start this adventure together. Get ready to experience the real Chennai with me, Arikesavan, at Chennai Secrets. Let’s go!”

I’ve own few other blogs too.

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Contact me – harikezdigital@gmail.com