Is Sundari Akka Kadai Really Worth the Hype? (Menu, Prices, Location)

Ah, Sundari Akka Kadai. Every time I cross the bustling streets of Chennai, I can’t help but notice the constant murmur of this name.

Whether it’s my fellow auto drivers, the college students, or the office-goers, everyone seems to be raving about it. Ayyo, it’s like Rajnikanth has opened a restaurant, such is the craze!

The hype around Sundari Akka Kadai is as intense as the midday sun in Chennai. Is it really worth all the fuss, though? Let’s take a closer look.

Sundari Akka Kadai Location

Sundari Akka Kadai, for those who are new to Tamil Nadu, is a seafood restaurant that’s become as famous as Marina Beach itself. It’s situated right in the heart of Chennai, a perfect location to attract both locals and tourists.

Location – shop no 134, Triplicane High Rd, Marina Beach, Triplicane, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600005, India

Sundari Akka Kadai Menu

  • Meal-1Meals with egg – 95
  • Meal-2Meals with fish and egg – 150
  • Combo MealThalacurry, liver, prawn. – 230


  • Seer Fish Fry [vanjaram Large] – 215
  • Parla Fish Fry – 120

Main Course

  • Fish GravyWith fish – 110
  • Mutton Thalacurry – 115
  • Mutton Liver – 115
  • Prawn Masala – 120
  • Kadama Masala – 120
  • Mutton Thokku – 120

When it comes to the menu, it’s as diverse as our beloved Tamil cinema. From vanjaram fry to prawn curry, every dish seems to be a blockbuster. Ayyo, the aroma itself is enough to make your stomach do a happy dance, macha!

Sundari Akka Kadai is Expensive?

But let’s not forget about the prices. I must say, it’s not what you’d call ‘pocket-friendly’. If you are a software engineer or a big shot businessman, you might not even blink at the prices. But for folks like me, who earn their daily bread driving autos and running small shops, it’s a bit of a luxury.

Now, the question remains, is Sundari Akka Kadai really worth the hype? Is the taste of the food as good as the aroma that wafts out of the kitchen? And more importantly, do they serve with the same love and care that our Tamil mothers put into their cooking?

Famous Foods in Sundari Akka Kadai

The star of the menu, as many would agree, is the vanjaram fry. The fish is marinated in a concoction of Tamil spices and then fried to a crisp golden brown. A bite into it and you’ll taste the freshness of the fish, the tang of the spices, and the crunch of the perfectly fried exterior.

The prawn curry, on the other hand, is a dish that can warm your soul. The prawns are cooked in a rich, spicy gravy that has a comforting homely touch. Paired with steaming hot rice, it’s a meal that can make you forget all your worries.

Is Sundari Akka Kadai Really Worth the Hype?

So, is Sundari Akka Kadai worth the hype? In many ways, it does live up to its reputation. The food is delicious, the service is good, and the ambiance is inviting.

Aana, the high cost might put off some of us, pa. For those who have deep pockets, for them, Sundari Akka Kadai offers a unique dining experience that marries our traditional Tamil Nadu samayal with a touch of modernity.

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